Aderyn Pendant


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Bespoke Silver Flowered Pendant


Handmade item  

Made in Wales 

Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom  

Materials: recycled fine silver clay 999 

Size:  Approx 40mm x 20mm x 1mm 

Chain supplied 

Style: Boho 

Can be personalised.  



A Pretty, Bespoke Silver Flowered Pendant featuring a garland of flowers including roses, forget-me-nots, and leaves.  

Blodeuwydd is made with Fine silver 999 clay. We darkened the silver to accentuate the pattern.  

Supplied with chain attached at each side. 

 Blodeuwydd is Great for the garden or flower lover. 

In the language of jewellery, the rose has been a symbol of love, passion and beauty since ancient times. In Western culture, it has been associated with romantic love and sensuality, and is often used to represent love and romance in jewellery. Forget-Me-Nots denote true, eternal love and devotion. Giving someone forget-me-not jewellery is very significant as you declare your true love and respect for them. 


Made in ‘eco’ or recycled silver, white gold, or yellow gold. 


We hallmark all of our products in Birmingham according to UK law. All items are handmade in our workshop in North Wales Please state your ring size when you order. If you require customisation, engraving or other personalisation please get in touch using the contact form. Alternatively book a workshop using the link below and come to beautiful North Wales to make any piece you like. 


If you require a ring sizer, get in touch using the contact form.  Please see our catalogue for our full range of handmade pendants, bracelets, earrings, and custom wedding rings and engagement rings. 


Precious Metal

Silver, 9ct Gold, 14ct Gold, 18ct Gold


No Chain, Silver, 9ct Gold


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