Have a piece of Jewellery made out of Recycled Old Gold by MidasTouch Jewels Conwy

Midastouch jewels north wales recylced diamond ring

1. A fabulous diamond ring remodeled
2.  Unusual Square Diamond setting reset onto narrow band
3.  A pair of his and hers matching 9 ct gold 'fiddle' rings created from an inheritance. These were made to commemorate a 30th Wedding Anniversary.
4. Recycled silver hammered wedding ring

Have you a special piece of jewellery you would like made into something else?

Do you have any old or damaged jewellery you would like to put to good use?

What about those single earrings where the partner was lost a long time ago and it is still sitting in your jewellery box?

Inherited a worn out Piece of jewellery?

Have you got  jewellery in a style you don't like?

  • Your old gold can be melted down to create a new design or altered to create something more wearable.
  • MidasTouch jewels Conwy will work with you and your ideas to create your design
  • We do not buy scrap gold
As part of the British Jeweller's Association Gold Standard for second hand and scrap gold you must be able to prove that jewellery for melting down belongs to you.


The way the gold supply chain works is that every jeweller in the UK recycles offcuts and scraps from their workshop they either melt and reuse the gold in the workshop or sends them to a refinery.
The refiners work on a large scale so gold from new mining, gold from jeweller's work benches and old pieces of gold jewellery are all melted up together and made into new sheets and bars. This is what purchased gold sheet and wire is made up of.
Where recycled gold is used in the MidasTouch Jewels workshop is has been melted down on site. so that we know its source.

  • Wherever possible we use certificated 'ECO' gold or our own recycled gold.
  •  Since its launch in 2011 the availability of Fairtrade gold has increased and we are now able to source Fairtade gold in both 9ct and 18ct alloys and in all three colours: rose, yellow and white.
  • Customers can  reuse old gold - family jewellery can be melted down here in our workshop and made into a new piece. This isn't a perfect process - its difficult to avoid tiny bubbles and you never get as much gold as you expect. It is also more expensive than getting gold from the refiners because of the time involved but it does mean that no new mining has taken place in the creation of the new piece of jewellery.

We can also work with newly formed recycled gold bullion which has been refined by our suppliers separately to their standard gold and traced to ensure it is from 100% recycled sources.

MidasTouch Jewels north wales conwy - recycled old gold diamond ring
An 18ct gold ring created by melting down and old ring, rolling gold into wire to create a celtic scroll style ring.  The Original diamond setting was retained and included on the new design.