Flamework Glass Beads at MidasTouch Jewels

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 Flame Work Glass Course

MidasTouch Jewels Making a Glass Bead
Flamework Bead courses are provided in the Midastouch Workshop.

Maximum of 2 people per course

You will Learn to:
Choose suitable glass for bead making

Health and Safety of lamp work - ventilation, eye protection etc

Prepare equipment for use with glass

Observe demonstrations on bead making

Make 'stringers' for use in decorating your own beads

Make your own  basic round bead

Decorate your beads using dots and lines

Making a 'slump' bead by blending glass

Apply frit to your glass bead

Practice Making your own beads

Use a glass kiln

Anneal beads

Clean beads

 'The hardest part was switching on the Torch, Scary, but brilliant!'

MidasTouch Jewels Handmade bead earrings
Once you have attended a course you can 'rent' a torch and kiln time by booking in to attend the workshop.  These sessions will  not include any tuition but will allow you the use of all equipment under supervision. We have a selection of glass rods available for purchase.
The rental fee includes use of torch, gas and oxygen usage, & kiln firing.

For Health and Safety and insurance purposes you cannot be left alone in the workshop.

Glass beads need to be  cooled slowly before being annealed (heated in a kiln to harden) for several hours.  You will not be able to take them home with you immediately.  Beads will be posted into you once they have been annealed.