Gary, a special student

Examples of Gary's work

MidasTouch Jewels by Patsy runs jewellery making workshops and welcomes students from all back grounds and abilities.  I regularly support adults with special needs, accompanied by their support worker or social worker. As each session is one to one close supervision is always available.
Children over the age of 9 years are also welcome with a carer.
if a whole day is too much half day sessions can be arranged.

Gary has made all the rings pictured above:
1. Coiled hammered ring; 2. Twisted wire double wrap ring; 3. Chunky textured ring with large hammered ring; 4. Hammered coiled ring inset with sapphires; 5. wide hammered band with reticulated edges, brass band and blob;  5. Large plain band etched with initials and brass fiddle ring (before polishing).

Gary - A Very Special Student
I would like to introduce a young man who attends workshops regularly.  Gary has a love of rings, the bigger the better,  and really enjoys turning his ideas into reality.  Gary is very talented and always leaves with an amazing piece of jewellery.
When attending a workshop Gary is always accompanied by a support worker. His work is developed from his ideas and, whilst being very closely supervised, he is encouraged to do as much of the work as possible. The way he wields the solder torch I am sure he thinks he is James Bond!
These rings use a variety of techniques.

Gary knew exactly what he want to make and after discussion I drew the prototype from his description.  Despite having difficulty using a pen he was able to decorate the ring using a punch; cut the silver to size  and, with help, solder the joints.  Gary was delighted to be allowed to use a saw and of course his favourite - the solder torch!
Gary likes to create big rings  he wanted to make a large coil ring which he  decorated  using texture hammers and he coiled the wire into a ring shape.
 Gary  utilized a ring he already owned and incorporate it into his coil design. We added some sapphires in a grooved setting.  This was a bit beyond Gary's capabilities and seriously taxed mine for a while until  I finally got the stones to stay still.
Gary showing off one of his creations.
Gary and his First Handmade Ring