Commissions - Let Midas Touch Jewels Create a Wedding Ring or Piece of Jewellery Just for You
MidasTouch jewels Bespoke wedding rings

 At MidasTouch Jewels by Patsy we pride ourselves on being able to create handmade jewellery to order using the wishes and ideas of our customers.

Why not have your wedding ring or commitment ring made to your own design.  Rings can be made to fit with existing engagement rings or matching sets created. Get your partners wedding ring made at the same time.

We particularly enjoy creating new designs from old or unwanted silver or gold.  A great way of using up those odd earrings or to create your own keepsake from inherited jewellery. At MidasTouch Jewels North Wales we specialise in creating memorial pieces to commemorate the passing of someone special; anniversary pieces and wedding jewellery. Recycled silver, gold and precious stones can be reset into your own design.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

1. Memorial Bangle depicting the mountain range where the client's father lived.  The Handmade bead marks the spot where his ashes were scattered.  Etched on the back with a Welsh Poem.

2. Birthday Bangle showing mountain range view from recipient's home. Hand made bead features as the rising sun.

3. Memorial Pendant showing a view the client's husband loved with handmade glass bead featured as the setting sun.  Etched on the back with a poem and dates.

Christmas Bangle for a young girl set  with ruby birthstone.  The design allows room for expansion as she grows. Sterling Silver anniversary ring using client's own sapphire.

5. Copper mock up of ring made from using client's inherited gold rings, recycled.

6. Recycled gold 30th wedding anniversary fiddle rings

7. Satin wedding ring commission on Friday for a Wedding on Monday! (hall marked later)

8. Top:: silver 'blob' ring to match existing engagement ring; Middle matching partners wedding band; Bottom: Reticulated wedding band